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Two Lonely

"Seriously? Forty-five minutes from the house, you decide not to start? Just like that? Come on!" I pleaded at the dashboard, which stared blankly back at me, both of us cooking under the harsh July...Read On

Added: Jul 29, 2010 | Category: Straight Sex | Tags: nude  straight  unprotected  oil   | 21 Comments


I had to lose almost everything before I came to my senses, sitting there at the dining table with my boyfriend Todd - watching him gamble away everything he owned and, as it turned out, a few major...Read On

Added: Apr 22, 2010 | Category: Taboo | Tags: black  straight  poker  debt  interracial  unprotected   | 39 Comments

Cupid's Arrow

Cupid sat back on his shiny pink ass, laid his bow to one side, crossed his chubby little legs, and lit up a cigarette. It was the first smoke that he had succumbed to in weeks. He was trying to...Read On

Added: Mar 21, 2010 | Category: Love Stories | Tags: cupid  love  outdoors  handjob  funny  porn  web   | 9 Comments

Pam Sandwich

Pamela had already made the picnic and packed it into a wicker basket when the boys arrived. She’d cleaned the kitchen as well, been a thorough little domestic goddess with her mom and dad away for...Read On

Added: Apr 12, 2010 | Category: Group Sex | Tags: outdoors  threesome  big-breasted  picnic  butter  double-penetration  nude-swimming   | 20 Comments

Donna's Angel

With every fiber of her mortal being soaked and chilled to the bone by the driving and frigid January rain, Donna Mitchell had only one thought on her desperate mind: A stiff drink sure would be...Read On

Added: Aug 01, 2010 | Category: Lesbian | Tags: older woman  younger woman  love  supernatural  romance  redemption   | 13 Comments

The Cabo Connection

Damon: Iíll bet youíll get up to some trouble in Cabo. I smirked at the text that flashed up on our chat-log from the computer screen. He was always teasing me. Ashleigh: No trouble. At...Read On

Added: Aug 04, 2010 | Category: Taboo | Tags: rough sex  anal  rimming  cheating  dirty talk  vacation  facial cum-shot   | 38 Comment

Love Birds

Love Birds In the dawn of the morning I watched the skies And beheld the warm Sun and watched it rise, The fiery hues and sapphire dyes Were pure amazement to my young tender...Read On

Added: Mar 20, 2010 | Category: Love Poems | Tags: | 12 Comments

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